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Aesthetic Therapist & Reflexologist

Remedi Medispa has been created by Amy Birkby-Spiers who has been in the beauty & aesthetic industry for over 25 years, working in both the UK & New Zealand. Specialising in skin therapies, she has developed her skills in some of the UK's leading, award-winning aesthetic clinics working both as an aesthetic therapist, clinic manager & national trainer. She has channeled her passion and knowledge into creating Remedi Medispa and wants to share with her clients her expertise by offering a truly bespoke experience.

"I believe in treating the skin from within whilst working holistically. Its important to always maintain the health of the skin's natural barriers, working cell to surface to renew & rejuvenate it, resulting in a healthy radiant glow. Every day life and stress can cause a huge toll on the skin and a persons well being. That's why I look at every factor of both internal and external health and work holistically, creating bespoke treatment plans, taking you on a skin journey, to get you the best possible results. Helping you to eleviate stress and become the best version of yourself gives me a huge sense of satisfaction. My work in both facial & foot reflexology has opened my eyes to a whole new way of treating and has helped many of my clients to not only look better but also feel better too."

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Aesthetic Therapist

Meet Kelly, the latest gem to join our team of dedicated aesthetic therapists here at REMEDI MEDISPA! With her passion for skincare, keen eye for detail, and warm personality, Kelly brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our establishment.

Kelly's journey into the world of aesthetics began with a deep-rooted fascination for the science behind skincare and beauty. Her commitment to excellence led her to pursue extensive training in various modalities, ensuring she stays at the forefront of the ever-evolving industry. From advanced facial treatments to cutting-edge rejuvenation techniques, Kelly's repertoire is as diverse as it is impressive.

What truly sets Kelly apart is her unwavering dedication to providing personalized care to each and every client. She understands that no two individuals are alike, and thus takes the time to listen attentively to their concerns and goals. Whether you're seeking to address specific skincare issues or simply looking to indulge in a pampering session, Kelly will tailor a bespoke treatment plan designed to exceed your expectations.

Beyond her technical prowess, Kelly's genuine warmth and empathy create an atmosphere of trust and relaxation. Clients often find themselves not only rejuvenated on the outside but uplifted on the inside after their sessions with her. Her holistic approach to beauty underscores her belief that true radiance emanates from within.

We invite you to experience the magic of Kelly's touch firsthand. Whether you're embarking on a skincare journey or treating yourself to a well-deserved moment of self-care, Kelly is here to guide you every step of the way.

Book your appointment with Kelly today, and let's embark on a journey to radiant skin and renewed confidence together! ✨

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Yoga Therapist

🌟 Meet Jodie: Our Yoga Maestro! 🌟

Namaste, everyone! We're thrilled to introduce you to the heart and soul of our yoga haven, the one and only Jodie! With her serene presence and profound expertise, Jodie brings a wave of tranquility like no other.

🧘‍♀️ About Jodie: Jodie's journey with yoga began as a quest for inner peace and harmony. Over the years, her passion blossomed into a profound commitment to sharing the transformative power of yoga with others. As a certified yoga specialist, Jodie possesses a deep understanding of various yoga traditions, from the gentle flow of Hatha to the dynamic energy of Vinyasa.

🌺 Her Philosophy: For Jodie, yoga is more than just a physical practice—it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. She believes in creating a nurturing space where practitioners of all levels can explore their bodies, minds, and spirits with compassion and curiosity. Through her gentle guidance and infectious positivity, Jodie inspires her students to embrace their authentic selves and cultivate inner peace both on and off the mat.

🌟 What Sets Her Apart: What truly sets Jodie apart is her unwavering dedication to holistic well-being. Beyond asanas and pranayama, she incorporates elements of mindfulness, meditation, and Ayurveda into her classes, offering a holistic approach to health and wellness. With Jodie, it's not just about striking an instagram worthy pose—it's about finding balance, harmony, and joy in every aspect of life.

🌸 Her Classes: Whether you're a seasoned yogi or a curious beginner, Jodie's classes offer something for everyone. From gentle restorative sessions to invigorating power flows, each class is thoughtfully designed to nurture your body, calm your mind, and uplift your spirit. Expect to leave Jodie's classes feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and deeply connected to yourself and the world around you.

🌿 Beyond the Studio: When she's not guiding blissful yoga sessions, you can find Jodie exploring nature trails, savoring a good book with a cup of herbal tea, or spreading kindness wherever she goes. Her vibrant spirit and genuine warmth make her not just a yoga instructor, but a cherished friend and confidante to all who cross her path.

🌟 Join Us on the Journey: Ready to embark on your own yoga journey with Jodie by your side? Join us on the mat at one our our REMEDI RETREATS and discover the transformative power of yoga for yourself. Whether you seek strength, serenity, or simply a moment of stillness in your life, Jodie is here to support and uplift you every step of the way.

Let's flow, breathe, and embrace the beauty of the present moment together. Namaste! 🙏


When designing my home treatment room, I wanted to find the perfect balance of a comforting and relaxing space whilst also incorporating the experience and clinical professionalism I am used to working within. From the moment we moved into our lovely home overlooking the Loose valley conservation area this room always felt very peaceful and calming. Many years ago, someone told me whenever you are feeling down go to something green or blue. At the time I was living in New Zealand and found great comfort in the blue of the ocean and the green of the local botanical gardens. I have brought these elements to my treatment room in the beautiful teal walls and green of the plants and flowers. My sink is hand crafted from a river boulder, connecting earth to water and, wherever possible, I have used eco friendly & sustainable products. I look forward to welcoming you to my tranquil treatment room where you can enjoy the Remedi experience for yourself.



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